TOP WRAP – PVC Cling Film for Food Packaging

Project Description
    Available in all sizes, lengths, thicknesses and weights. Customized per customer’s request.
    Top Wrap is used to seal food, keep them fresh and in flavour. Dina Plast’s TOP Wrap Cling Film keeps food freshness and from drying out and prevents the transfer of odours in the refrigerator. In addition to being used to store all foods in the freezer, it is also perfect for covering and wrapping.


    • Keeps food freshness for longer
    • Strong grip and seal
    • Prevents the transfer of odours
    • Easy to use
    • Extra strength to cover plates of food
    • Safe and Hygienic for food storage and packaging
    • Prevents food from drying out
    • Suitable for wrapping and covering all foods

    Product Information

    Available Pack Sizes
    Length: available between 200m – 3000m and/or per customer’s request.

    Width: available between 30cm – 150cm and/or per customer’s request.

    Thickness: available between 9micron – 11micron and/or per customer’s request.

    Weight: Customized per customer’s request.

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    Preparation and Usage

    TOP Wrap Cling Film is suitable for covering and wrapping all foods, that can be stored in both the freezer and fridge, such as fresh foods, BBQ, meals leftovers, desserts, bakery, veggies and fruits, etc.

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