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At Dina Plast, we are committed to quality throughout the entire process of manufacturing our products, starting from the raw materials being used to the release of the final products. This is followed by delivering and transporting the final products with exceptional quality to our customers. Thus, we have the confidence in our future.

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Our Products

Our family of products are trusted by customers due to their high quality, strength and innovation, that provide value for not only the food industry, hotels, hospitals and household for food storage and packaging, but also for all manufactures, factories and airports for industrial packaging.
Our Product Categories are:

PVC Cling Film for Food Packaging

استريتش غذائي

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PE Stretch Film for Industrial

استريتش صناعي

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Paper Pipes

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PE Plastic Pipes for Textiles

مواسير بلاستيك للنسيج و الاقمشه

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